Qur’an Basic-Qaida

Course starts with basics of Arabic language i.e. Alphabets till all over learning how to read Quran. Course starts with teaching Noorani Qaida which is used to learn the basics and can help in reading Quran.

Basic Quran Reading

As the course itself defines that, it is all about Quran reading and it’s Translation. This is a basic and fundamental course required by any student who wants to start learning how to read Quran.

Qur’an Recitation

[wa rattil il-Qurana tarteela] (Muzzammil 4).   The tafsir of this aya (according to ibn kahteer) is to recite the Qur’an slowly, making the letters clear because this is an assistance in understanding and pondering the meaning of the Qur’an.  A related word is “Murattal”

Tajweed Course

“Tajweed” means correct pronunciation of alphabets. This course is defined to learn how to read Quran with tajweed. There is no restriction in joining this course like exam/age limit. This course is for longer time because a tutor cannot go ahead in syllabus until and unless student learns correct tajweed.


It is a course defines to people who have known how to read Quran. This Course is about Memorization of Complete Quran with correct sequence. To register with this course a student has pass a simple test in reading a Quran.


This course is about learning Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saws). Hadith is a collection of sayings and activities of Prophet Muhammad (saws) and his companions. The sayings and deeds of the prophet Muhammad (saws) recorded by his followers. Considered authoritative and perfect. A saying is called a Sunnah.

Translation & Tafseer

This course is designed to know brief commentary of Quranic chapters. The best way to explain any Quranic Verse is to support it first with various other related Quranic Verses. Afterwards, Hadith is used for strengthening such an explanation or tafseer. Students with knowledge of Quran and Hadith can register this course.

Aalim Course

This is an in depth study of the Qur’an, Hadith and Fiqh of the Deen.

This course is spaced over six years. For more information about Aalim Course click here.