Refund Policy

Refund policy

Noor Ul Qur’an offer a highly flexible and an attractive getting started(TRIAL) program to all of our new members. A three to five days of trial lessons helps you to learn about quality of our services and helps your explore the best options for yourself. More over your feedback and suggestions during the trail sessions helps us to serve you better.
Our fees apply as per your decision for sign up with Noor Ul Qur’an after completion of Trial program.To learn more about fees and pricing, Please do take a look at the “Fees” section or contact our customer services to get more help with it.

Our refund policy applies to cancellation of services at any point of time.

We do offer partial and Full refund in case of service cancellation at any point of time, as here at Noor Ul Qur’an we work hard to serve you at our best. Your convenience and satisfaction is our top priority.

Currently accepting VISA, MASTER, and PayPal payments processed by